Friday, 18 March 2011

Hotel Management System Introduction.

The eZee Rewards and Loyalty includes three types of users i.e. the hotel administration, the hotel front desk office and the customers of the hotel. The Hotel Loyalty Program works primarily on the basis of the type of membership cards the hotel administration provides to its customers who subscribed for the hotel loyalty program. These membership cards represent the points allocated to the customers who subscribed for the hotel loyalty program.

The subscription to the eZee Rewards and Loyalty is offered to the customers of the hotel when they make their first reservation in the hotel. For this the hotel maintains a subscription form and is made available on the hotel’s website. The hotel can also maintain a paper form which can be given to the new customers who have made their first reservation. The hotel can also opt to send the subscription form through emails to the appropriate customers. The details of all the customers are maintained by the hotel administration as a part of the hotel’s database. The hotel is solely responsible on its decision on how to avail the subscription form to its customers.

As a default the eZee Rewards and Loyalty provides the hotel with three types of membership cards i.e. (i) Silver (ii) Gold and (iii) Platinum. The names of these membership cards can be edited as per the will of the hotel. The number of different types in the membership cards can also be edited as per the hotel’s choice.

As an initial step after buying the software, the hotel administration has to setup the configuration page of the eZee Rewards and Loyalty to determine how the points are allocated to the different subscribers of the hotel’s Loyalty program. The fields on the configuration page may include the following: (i) Points per day stay and (ii) Points for the overall amount spent. These fields in the configuration page can be edited anytime by the hotel administration.

The hotel administration will be given an address book table as a part of the software which can be updated by the hotel staff in order to maintain the records of all the subscribers of the Hotel’s Loyalty Program. This address book is supposed to be updated on a regular basis to contain the updated membership details list of all the subscribers of the Hotel’s Loyalty Program.

Initially when a customer of the hotel subscribes for the hotel’s Rewards and Loyalty program, he/she is given a membership card of silver type. From this moment onwards the customer will be a part of the Rewards and Loyalty Program that the hotel offers. Hence the customer becomes a subscriber for the hotel’s Rewards and Loyalty program and can now increase his points of loyalty by making more and more reservations in this hotel or by spending on other hospitality services offered by the hotel. In this way the customer who is now a member of the Rewards and Loyalty program of the hotel can increase his/her points by becoming a regular customer to the hotel. Moreover by increasing his/her points the customer can improve his/her membership type so as to avail nice offers and discounts from the hotel.

The subscribers to this program can view their points from time to time either through the hotels’ website or through automated mails delivered by the hotel. This depends on the hotels decision on how to implement the process of delivering updates to their subscribers.

Whenever the subscribers have crossed the milestone of their respective membership type, they are promoted to the next membership type and the new membership card is posted to the respective subscriber’s official postal address. This posting of the membership card is the responsibility of the front desk office of the respective hotel. All this happens when an alert message triggers to the front desk office of the hotel as and when the milestones of any subscriber is crossed. This automated reminder can benefit the hotel’s administration by reducing their overhead of maintaining and updating their customers’ membership details. It also acts as a prime factor in the process of maintaining consistency in updating the records. In this way it is close to impossible for the management to miss on the updating of any membership account.


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