Friday, 18 March 2011

Hotel Management System Abstract.

eZee Rewards and Loyalty is a software that can be used in the hospitality industry. Through this software the Hotel administration can manage their loyalty programs in an effective way. The Hotel Loyalty Programs can be used to entice guests into becoming a regular guest at the hotel. These programs are especially beneficial to hotel chains, where the benefits of the program can span over their entire hotel chain. Personalized service and rewards deliver exceptional experiences to guests, and make them come back for more.

The scope of the project defines only those functionalities which are provided by the eZee Rewards and Loyalty Software. On the other hand the scope of the users involved in the Rewards and Loyalty Program is defined as the roles of each user in the system and their accessibilities to the different elements and prospects within the system.

The eZee Rewards and Loyalty System will include three main users who take part in the working of the system as a complete functionality. Considering the complete functionality and interactions within the eZee Rewards and Loyalty System we will define the roles of each user along with their access permissions towards the various elements of the system.

The various users participating in the system are as follows:

(i) The Hotel Administrator

(ii) The Hotel Front Desk Office

(iii) The Member ( The customer of the hotel who subscribed for the Hotel’s Rewards and Loyalty Program )

(iv) The System (or the eZee Rewards and Loyalty Software).

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